Concept of Nagano IT Valley Initiative

The vision of Nagano IT Valley realized by the Initiative
– A New Era of Industries in Nagano prefecture open up through the Introduction of IT technology.

Nagano Prefecture is a comfortable living environment and nature, as well as the geographical benefits of the traffic. Nagano's location is at a junction with the Tokyo metropolitan area, Chukyo area, and Hokuetsu area. Nagano IT valley is promoting the integration of IT resources and IT industries in the region accompanies with the promotion of the digital society in the Society 5.0 era that is supporting by the development of a high-speed, high-capacity 5G communication environment.
Also, we will enhance the promotion and upgrading of digital transformation in all industries such as tourism, agriculture, forestry, medical care, and welfare, as well as the manufacturing industry that plays an essential role in our prefecture's industry.
We will build an ecosystem that promotes the creation of IT businesses through cooperation between industry, academia, and government.
Promotional Strategy
Firstly, IT Valley will support the establishment of the consortium assigned with the highly talented IT personnel and the innovative IT industries, universities, and prefectural research institutes located around Zenkoji Temple, Matsumoto Castle, and in the foothills of Mt. Yatsugatake in Chino City.
By establishing an ecosystem that takes advantage of these geographical features, we will expand our network all over the prefecture so that the IT industry prevails throughout Nagano.


Integrate the human resources and the IT industries to enhance the digital transformation of the prefecture.